Absolutely! The Beginner Pistol course is for all brand new and inexperienced shooters. You will learn the fundamentals of gun safety and handling with simulated equipment in the classroom before we head to the range.
Yes!  All supplies will be provided for Beginner Pistol, including firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection and targets.  In fact, you’ll learn about how to choose the right firearm for you in this class, so it’s better to wait.   If you do own a firearm and want to use it, you may bring it.  However, it must stay locked in your vehicle until the class moves to the range.  For the advanced classes, you will need to have a firearm and holster, or rent one from us.

Wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather.   Do not wear a low cut or V-neck top.  Be sure to wear a solid shoe, with closed toes – preferably a sneaker or outdoor boot.  No sandals or flip-flops are permitted.

Everyone needs to take either Beginner Pistol or an equivalent course first.  It will be the building block for more advanced courses later. After completion of one of those, you can take the Concealed Carry or Personal Protection in the Home Class.   The Refuse to Be a Victim class is geared toward personal safety and situational awareness without firearms and can be taken at any time or brought to your work, school or organization.
Beginner Pistol is about 7 hours and Personal Protection in the Home  is 8 hours; Concealed Carry is 6-8 hours, based on class size, but don’t worry, you’ll get breaks throughout the day.  You’ll want to bring a lunch.  We do supply water and snacks.  There’s class room and range time in all these classes.   Refuse to be a Victim is a 4 hour class, (or tailored to your needs) only in the classroom or can be brought to your organization for a group seminar.
No.  You may consider getting a CCW permit from your local Sheriff’s office at a later point if you plan on carrying your firearm, but it isn’t necessary for class. 
Classes may be held at different locations.  Check the Class Schedule tab for exact locations of each class.  Most classes are held at the Indiana Bow and Gun Club @ 9374 Old Route 56 West, Shelocta, PA 15774.
Yes, you need to be at least 18 years of age. 

Minimum Age for Gun Possession:  Federal law prohibits, with certain exceptions*, the possession of a handgun or handgun ammunition by any person under the age of 18. Federal law provides no minimum age for the possession of long guns or long gun ammunition.

*Exceptions: Federal law provides exceptions for the temporary transfer and possession of handguns and handgun ammunition for specified activities, including employment, ranching, farming, target practice and hunting.