About Us

Armed and FeminineArmed and Feminine, LLC was born to bring the world of firearms training to women – women who want it,  women who need it.  Everyone arrives here through their journeys in different ways.  Your life has changed.  You now have children.  You’ve recently been widowed.   You’ve had a experience with domestic violence.  How do you protect yourself and/or your children?  That’s where I come in.

I believe every woman has the right to self-protection and to protect her family. She needs to have the right skills in gun safety and handling, shooting proficiency and understanding personal safety.

Most women want to be taught these skills by a woman.  We learn differently from men. We’re built differently from men.  We have different priorities from men.  As a Certified NRA and USCCA instructor, ICE Certified Defensive Firearms Coach, I will give you the tools needed to become a more confident woman about personal safety for you and for your family.

In our world today, it’s time to take charge of your own personal safety, by no longer relying on someone else to keep you protected but by becoming the protector – no matter what your age.  We also offer safety and shooting fundamental programs for Tween-Teenagers.

Check it out; see if this is for you.  I am happy to accompany you along your journey.

-Kelly Ann