Class Schedules and Policies

All classes are SOLD OUT for the 2020 season.
Limited private training dates are still available.

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All prices include range fees*   Classes held at the Indiana Co Bow & Gun Club unless otherwise noted

Women’s Handgun Course for beginners   (all supplies provided)  $169
Designed to teach the new and inexperienced shooter safety and shooting fundamentals to build confidence and proficiency.  Just show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.

9am – 4pm Weekends;    5pm-830pm Weeknights    Mimimum class size 4, maximum 10

Multi-State Concealed Carry Course (Utah/Arizona)
November 7, 2020  8:30am-1:30pm   Register Here
The course is taught by instructors who are certified by both the Utah BCI and the NRA and meet the training
requirements for Utah & Arizona. The course will cover such topics as basic handgun safety, handgun parts and
operation, ammunition, firearm storage and basic firearm maintenance and care, fundamentals of shooting a handgun, concealed carry laws, use of force laws and handgun transportation laws.
There is no written test or quiz and all of the information provided is about general gun safety, concealed carry law and general best practices. This course does not require any live-fire and there is no physical shooting component;
therefore, you do not need to own or possess a handgun to participate. Utah and Arizona do not require any live fire as part of their training requirements. Tuition for this course includes complimentary fingerprinting which is required to be submitted along with the Utah and Arizona CCW application packets.
We DO NOT process the applications; the issuing government processes the applications. Utah’s initial non-resident
application fee is $63.25 for the first five years and $25.00 to renew. Arizona’s initial application fee is $60.00 for the first five years and $43.00 to renew. Both Utah and Arizona applications can be applied for by mail. The instructors will cover the application process for each permit in class. You will need to apply for your local home state permit at your local sheriff’s office. The instructor will go over this process with you in class.
In order to apply for a concealed carry permit, you must be legally able to purchase, own and possess a handgun. You
must be 21 years of age to apply for your concealed carry permit. If you are 20 years of age, you can take this course but cannot apply for your permits/submit your applications until you are 21 years of age. With this said, this course
certificate expires ONE year from the date you take the course. Please allow adequate time for your application to be
processed prior to your paperwork expiring.
What you will receive from this course:
1. Course completion certificate
2. Application form for the Utah non-resident concealed carry permit
3. One completed fingerprint card for the Utah Application
4. Application form for the Arizona non-resident concealed carry permit
5. Two completed fingerprint cards for the Arizona Application
6. CD containing all class material and lessons
7. A wealth of knowledge and satisfaction that you have further exercised your 2nd Amendment rights!

Fundamentals of 
Concealed Carry,
  – CO-ED Classes  $135 
Designed to help the shooter build intuitive defensive shooting skills and use them efficiently.
10am – 4pm  Mimimum class size 3,  Maximum 8
Sold out for the 2020 season

Private Instruction

Skill Builder$105 all supplies included. 
Refresher course for those who haven’t picked up a pistol in a while.    Minimum class size 4, maximum 10
Returning next season

Tween to Teen Shooting FUNdamentals
– Kids 11-17
   (All supplies provided)  $105
5pm-9pm  Mimimum class size 4, maximum 10
Returning next season

NRA PPITHa home defense course
CO-ED Classes  $145
Intermediate:  Designed to teach the safe and efficent use of a firearm in the home for protection of self and family. Mimimum class size 3,  Maximum 10
Returning next season

NRAs Basics of Shotgun Shooting
    Co-Ed, beginner course   Just like it sounds ……..Learn to safely handle and shoot a shotgun at clay targets.  $145 (all supplies provided)   Mimimum class size 3, Maximum 6
Returning next season

BLACKWELL IS BACK!   3-gun Clinic! 
 Space WILL BE LIMITED, so register early!
This will be a clinic geared for men and women that are safe shooters with some experience with handguns and long guns.  We will give a solid introduction to the sport of 3 Gun/Multigun including drills and stages.
Returning next season

Defensive Pistol – 4 hour training 

Advanced:  Designed for skilled shooters proficient with holster draw learning more dynamic, real-life scenario drills
Limit 6 students per class
Returning next season

Refuse to Be a Victim seminar

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Personal Safety and Protection seminar with pepper spray demonstration
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Classes also available by our Partners, Six Star Tactical and Trigger Pressers Union

Register on a link or contact Paul at Plhsix@gmail  to register!  
Or from our friend, Klint at Trigger Pressers Union