SHIRUDO IWB HOLSTER (unavailable until June)


The Shirudo holster is a collaborative design effort between Shibumi Tactical, LLC and ARMED and Feminine, LLC. The holster is low profile, concealable, yet rugged.  It meets the high standards of our clientele and overcomes the shortcomings of many other designs. The result is a minimalist Kydex®, inside-the-waistband holster that completely encloses the slide, provides secure retention, won’t change positions and can be worn without a belt. The clip can be adjusted for your perfect fit.  This product is Veteran made in the U.S.A., individually, by hand.   (order fulfilled by Shibumi Tactical, LLC)

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**additional models and colors may be available by special request and may incur additional charges. Please be patient, as each holster is custom made by hand.